If you are curious about a luxury electric vehicle, look no further.  The knowledgeable team at Mercedes Benz Edmonton West is happy to assist in your journey.  Mercedes-Benz is at the forefront of new technology, luxury, and safety.  If you’re asking “Why buy an electric car?”, let the team at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West give you the answer.  We are your premier star dealer in Edmonton! No matter if you’re looking to reduce your tailpipe emissions or get increased performance, an electric vehicle is how you’ll show the world your stuff in a brand-new way. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of an electric vehicle and then contact us to explore which model is right for you and your lifestyle!

What Are the Perks of Electric Vehicle Ownership?

There are a lot of perks when you buy an EQ vs. a standard gasoline or diesel vehicle. Cost, the impact on the environment, and less maintenance are just a start. Here’s our quick guide to all the benefits of EQ ownership:

  • Cost of ownership. When you consider the fact that there are fewer moving parts inside an electric vehicle, it’s no wonder that you’ll generally pay less to own one of these vehicles than an equivalent gasoline vehicle.
  • Cutting-edge tech. EQs often come with the most advanced technology out of any vehicle. Manufacturers are committed to making the deal to get an EQ pretty darn sweet.
  • Environmental impacts. If you charge your EQ “on the grid,” you might still be powering your vehicle with electricity that comes from fossil fuels, but you have the option of using solar, wind, or other renewable sources for a fully zero-emissions ownership experience. The environmental impact of an EQ is much less than a gasoline vehicle.
  • Lower maintenance. When you own a gas car, you have to keep up with oil changes, transmission flushes, and the like. You don’t have to do these things with an EQ, lowering your cost of ownership. Additionally, an electric vehicle only needs service every 2 years, which means less upkeep and less to remember!

Your EQ Awaits at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

You’ve discovered all the details about what you’ll see when you drive an EQ. Now, are you ready to experience what one of these vehicles can do for you? Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West is in the business of helping drivers from Edmonton and the surrounding areas find the electric vehicle that’s right for them. Contact us today on our convenient online web form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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